Fraud reduced with 300% in a highly congestioned public parking lot from Barlad

Metrici team helps prevent theft and triple the profit by continously monitoring a 2.000 square meter-parking lot


    • Organisation: administrator of one of the biggest public parking lots located in the very populated center of a Romanian city


    • Location: City of Barlad, District Vaslui, Romania


    • Industry segment: transportation (public parking)


    • Application: theft prevention & monitoring


Barlad is the county seat of District Vaslui, with a surface of 15 square kilometers, gathering a local community of around 60.000 people. With thousands of cars passing by the town center everyday (including merchants going to the local vegetables market and residents living in the area), the local administration of a big non-stop parking lot wanted to monitor the traffic from its public parking space and double check the paying customers.

With no less than 7 access points, the surface of the parking lot (2.000 square meters) was difficult to handle and the traffic was increasingly hard to supervise only by human resources. Relying on the ethics of its tax collectors, the administration was reported a number of 1.000 cars per day.

The process of monitoring the traffic from the administrator’s parking lot also needed automation – for example, the local residents had to be able to enter their home areas without paying and always checking in with the tax collectors before the barrier was risen.


Our team proposed a solution that integrated 1 server INTEL dual procesor, 7 cameras Hikvision DS- 2CD2232I-5 (one for each entry of the parking lot), with Gigabit poe switches, 1 license for Metrici BL (standard software package) and 6 licenses for Metrici EL (additional software packages), to cover all the video cameras functioning.

We also advised on the use of a special Metrici custom-made solution, which makes the recognition of plate numbers possible, under any light circumstances, harsh weather conditions and on regular video cameras. In addition, we used optical fibre, in order to have the best results on very long distances.

With the help of our traffic monitoring and analysis solution, the owner keeps track of every car entering and leaving the parking lot, on a 24-hour basis. Metrici also offers a friendly interface, easily accessible online for every registered administrator who wants to search for a certain car, if/ when needed. Reports are sent every day and the status is checked real-time, in order to prevent any parking congestions.


The administrator of the public parking lot discovered, in less than one week, that the real number of the cars had been severely misreported.

Instead of 1.000 cars entering the parking lot every day, there was actually a three times higher traffic (approximately 3.000 cars, in a low-traffic summer day), which was reflected in the business’s profit. The collected fees increased with 300% after the implementation of our solution.

The total cost of the system implemented  was fully recovered in 2 weeks and a half (18 days).

Future suggested uses

Our solution could be furtherly used in even more scenarios, which the local administration plans to develop:

  •   integrating Metrici with lists of residents, public transportation-related cars (local police, firemen cars, taxi cars and so on) and clients that pay monthly ticket subscriptions in order to automatically let them pass;
  •   integrating Metrici with fiscal imprinters in order to collect taxes when cars are leaving the parking lot and also generate a fiscal receipt.