Private Parking Lots

See real-time data. Control your traffic. Simplify payment process. Ease your clients’ life.

Public Authorities

Ensure community protection. See traffic history. Access data remotely. Integrate with third-party database. Keep people safe.

Gas Stations

Gain valuable insights. Prevent theft. Choose how to reward loyal customers. Know your clients.

Custom Applications

Easily integrate with weighing and software systems (SAP, Oracle, Navision) via open API . Get a flexible solution for your specific needs.

This Is Metrici LPR

More accurate than accurate

Get to Know What We’re Good At

Intensiva United is a Bucharest-based company, founded in 2010. We started this project from our passion for technology and expertise in computer vision. Bringing people and technology together was our way of creating a smart and safe city environment, a better place to live in.

Metrici LPR is our integrated LPR solution. It provides maximum accuracy through a patent pending technology. Metrici helps people make informed decisions, based on accurate and easy-to-understand data, regarding the traffic around their business.

See How Metrici Works For You

See everything. Understand what you see. Get a sneak peak of Metrici data.

Meet The Team


Cristian Ditoiu

Co-Founder, Business Developer

Cristian is an entrepreneurially-oriented mind, with a 15+ year-experience in online businesses. He has created numerous web projects so far and has been working since he was only 17 years old. Cristian’s belief is that the new technologies should help people live better, be more efficient and enjoy life. This is also the foundation of Metrici.


Raluca Bailescu

Marketing Director

Raluca has a 10+ year-experience in communication. She has always been passionate about technology due to the positive changes it brings to people’s lives. Raluca sees Metrici as more than an LPR tool, she sees it as the most advanced traffic analytics solution in the world.


Vlad Georgescu

Co-Founder, Chief Technology Officer

Vlad has a 20+ year-experience in programming, system administration and IT. He is the technological brain of Metrici, coordinating the technical development of the solution, and a specialist in Linux.

Our Latest Work

We keep up the good work. Find out about our recent updates. Read about our case studies, latest deployments, technical upgrades and media stories.

Put Metrici to business.

Better analysis of the traffic around your business

Metrici not only lets you see data, but also helps you understand its impact on your business, through a better algorithm of detection. With our solution, you can make money out of understanding and predicting the traffic flow.

Real-time data available from any type of device

Access Metrici reports, graphs and data anywhere you are, from any device you have. Metrici allows you to be flexible and act fast.

Easily integrated with third parties

We provide easy ways to integrate with weighing and software systems via open API (xml, json, etc). Metrici works on the equipment you are used to, in the custom scenarios you need.

Accurate data through groundbreaking technology

Our patent pending technology offers you accurate and smart data, under the thoughest circumstances. Poor light conditions and bad weather are not an obstacle for Metrici.

Easy to install

The software has an all-in-one architecture, is easy to install and requires no support tickets. If the unlikely situation you will need suport we provide suport in English and Romanian via phone, skype and teamviewer.

Cost efficient

With Metrici, the return on investment is guaranteed. In 6 to 10 months, depending on the complexity of your project, the costs are fully absorbed.

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