Axis LPR ANPR recommended cameras

Recoomended Axis LPR cameras

This article will help you choose the right  Axis camera for your LPR/ANPR application.

The tests took into consideration : resolution, light sensitivity and  image quality in various scenarios : parking, entrance surveilance, logistics, city surveillance, highway, etc

For each camera model we tested with our license plate recognition software we have put it to test and deployed in 200+ projects  into various mounting conditions (on the barrier, camera facing front of the car , back of the car , mounted above the road at 4m pole,etc) , various frame-rate , and CS mount lenses where possible(ir corrected, not ir corrected, etc) , light conditions (morning, evening, sun reflecting into camera, car coming towards the camera with lights on, etc) .


We divided the applications in two main categories where license plate recognition software is useful :

Parking / Slow speed
  • speeds up to  30 km/h
  • small framerate: 5-10 fps is enough
  • camera can be mounted close to the road/car, usually near the barrier and the car approaches at minimum 8 m distance from the camera
  • camera also triggers barrier for number plates in white list
Fast Moving cars
  • car speed>30 km/h
  • big frame-rate : 15-30 fps
  • camera is mounted at maximum 15 m from the car, in an +- 20 degrees angle
  • external IR highly recommended
Recommended Axis Camera
Recommended Axis Camera

Axis P seriesP14 series with built-in IR, included Io port to control the barrier

2MP –  P1425LE(30fps), P1435LE(60fps)

5Mp –  P1427LE

p1365eP14 and Q series with varifocal lenses

1,3MP – P1354E Q1604-E

2Mp –  P1365E

For optimal performance we recommend adding a high quality IR corrected lens(for example SL940 Theia) .

Also don’t forget that a high quality(Raytec, Axis) external IR is a must.