Sony LPR ANPR certified cameras

Recoomended Axis LPR cameras

This article will help you choose the  appropriate Sony IP camera for your LPR/ANPR application.

The tests took into consideration : resolution, light sensitivity and  image quality in various scenarios : parking, entrance surveilance, logistics, city surveillance, highway, etc

For each camera model from Sony  we tested with our license plate recognition software we have put it to test and deployed into various mounting conditions (on the barrier, camera facing front of the car , back of the car , mounted above the road at 4m pole,etc) , various frame-rate , and CS mount lenses where possible(ir corrected, not ir corrected, etc) , light conditions (morning, evening, sun reflecting into camera, car coming towards the camera with lights on, etc) .


There are two main categories where license plate recognition software is useful :

Parking / Slow speed
  • speeds up to  30 km/h
  • small framerate: 5-10 fps is enough
  • camera can be mounted close to the road/car, usually near the barrier and the car approaches at minimum 8 m distance from the camera
  • camera also triggers barrier for number plates in white list
  • MJPEG codec for fast open barrier(H264 introduces a 2-3 seconds delay)
Fast Moving cars
  • car speed>30 km/h
  • high frame-rate : 15-60fps
  • camera is mounted at maximum 15 m from the car, in an +- 20 degrees angle
  • external IR highly recommended
  • H264 codec
Recommended Sony Camera for lpr
Recommended Sony Camera for LPR

VB632D series with built-in IR, White light and  included Io port to SNC-VB632Dcontrol the barrier

1,3MP – EB602R
2MP –  VB632D


SNC VB6XX Box  with varifocal lenses

1,3MP – SNCVB600
2 MP – SNCVB635

For optimal performance we recommend adding a high quality IR corrected lens(for example SL940 Theia or Evetar) . The camera comes by default with a 2,8-8mm lens which allows to be mounted at a short distance from the car, we suggest changing it to something like 5-50mm .

Also don’t forget that a high quality(Raytec Vario) external IR is a must.