Metrici is the analytics for auto traffic. It provides maximum accuracy regarding the car traffic around your business.

Take informed decisions through our more accurate than accurate solution.

Collect and understand data

Metrici LPR detects vehicles’ plate numbers by analyzing the video stream from IP cameras on a computer running Linux (Centos). It works as an analytics solution – its user-friendly and intuitive interface allows you to see and also understand the data around your business.

See reports sample from parking instalation

Know everything, no matter the circumstances

Metrici doesn’t miss a thing. It works with maximum accuracy both at night and in the brightest light, regardless of harsh wheather conditions, broken or dirty plates and high vehicle speed.

Get the information you need for your business

Once a car plate is detected, Metrici gives you the information you are interested in and performs the actions you need, may it be:

  • Detailed statistics for traffic management;
  • Statistics on use of lots for parking management;
  • Alerts for police and local authorities for tax collection and community safety;
  • Alerts on illegal residents trying to enter a location;
  • Alerts and reports on loyal clients of gas stations, malls and other commercial businesses;
  • Opening and closing gates or barriers for specific cars;
  • Sending an input to another system in a complex business flow (as in the case of an integration with weighing, invoicing systems or open/close barrier based on license plate)

The data can be easely exported to third party systemvs via API (JSON/XML) or CSV and PDF reports

Don’t sweat over technical issues

Metrici is designed to be easy to install and easy to use, even by untrained people.

Our solution also works on the equipment and cameras you are used to. We have tested and integrated the right models from to producers such as : Axis, Acti, Bosch,Dahua, Hikvision, Mobotix,Novus,Pelco, Sony