Securing Israel Cities

About This Project

Application overview

Local authorities from medium sized Israel cities needed a way to keep track of all cars passing through the village, on the three access roads.

They already had video surveillance but the staff, needed to watch all the cameras was not enough and the method of manually checking was both time expensive and prone to errors.

The police officers also needed to verify cars already present in the city to know which cars not belonging to residents were present in the city, when a security incident occurred.

Application solution

On each of the three access roads Metrici LPR was deployed, giving the police and local authorities a history of all cars passing by . The accurate statistics enabled them to detect suspect cars loitering.
The system alerts the police in real time when a wanted car was detected.

Solution components

3 cameras, Metrici Lpr and Ubiquity long range wifi transmitting the video stream wireless on 2km from the camera to detection system.

Parkings, Residential Neighborhoods
car wash, flat tire repair, parkings