States, cities and local authorities

Metrici secures county seat with support from public authorities

Local police entrusts Metrici with people’s safety


    • Organisation: local police department


    • Location: Ramnicu-Valcea, county seat of Valcea district


    • Industry segment: States, cities and local authorities


    • Application: surveillance, safety &  security, fraud & crime prevention


A safer and smarter city

Ramnicu-Valcea is the biggest city of Valcea county, with a population of almost 100.000 residents and strategically positioned at the crossroad of three national roads and an important European one.

Although they never had any particular crime problems, the local public authorities wanted to be cautious and prevent any damages or frauds. After all, anything can happen in a large city, every minute of every day.

Their previous experience with LPR-based solutions was not the happiest. Given the poor results they had received before, they had really low expectations from another security solution.

But they gave Metrici a chance, with a one-month trial. And the feedback was great.


Metrici was sucessfully installed at strategic points, when entering and leaving the city, on 8 cameras, in order to capture the community’s hustle and bustle.

Our solution was tested on cameras located on the main exit road of the city, where it processed images coming from one-way traffic lanes, as well on cameras located on a two-way street, both roads carrying a great deal of traffic.


The results surpassed the public authorities’ expectations.

  • Feeling safe at home

The city is now monitored from one main control centre. The police can keep an eye on everything that is happening in their town, 24/24, with maximum efficiency, for an increased safety of local people.

  • Maximum accuracy, no matter the circumstances

The results were not influenced by harsh wheather conditions or tough detection circumstances (high speed, damaged plates and so on). Metrici delivered no matter the obstacles.

  • Easy to use, easy to understand

The interface was easy to handle and the results were clear and easy to understand for everyone in charge. Also, Metrici offered a wide range of search options and valuable information for the public decision makers.

To be continued

A further, even more complex implementation scenario will soon follow the local police’s efforts and care for the security of its community.