Metrici makes Israel kibbutzes safer

A solution to protect people and increase local safety


    • Organisation: local administration and authorities


    • Location:  Israel, Asia


    • Industry segment: city surveillance


    • Application: safety & security, crime prevention, traffic management


A demanding international environment

Israel is currently one of the most tormented areas in the world. Over the years, the Israeli-Palestinian conflict has made thousands of victims, split the political world in half and risen heated debates.

A tormented teritorry severly puts the locals’ safety at risk. Along with bomb suicides, terrorism, rockets launchings and other similar conflicts, the local Israeli administration increasingly felt the need to secure an area of 2 square kilometres of kibbutzes.

Dealing with a unique city network

The area of kibbutzes which needed monitoring also had several unique particularities which made it very challenging to work with:

  • A droughty clime – due to the big temperatures during the day and the dessert-like weather, a security technological solution was hard to implement and also function at the highest standards;
  •  A unique infrastructure – the local Israeli communities are fenced and the city gates are closed during the night, making it impossible for cars to enter or leave the premises after a certain hour;
  •  An area prone to conflicts and military incidents – the entire Israeli political context makes the area a hot spot for incidents. Although the crime rate in Israeli kibbutzes is said to be one of the smallest in the world, the recent attacks on the country severly changed these statistics.

Caring about a community and its people

In such a rough context, there was an acute demand for protection, safety and car monitoring. Nearly 2.000 cars (including heavy-duty trucks) transited the gates of the city in one single day.

Local authorities already had video surveillance, but the staff needed to continously watch all the cameras and manually check the status of the traffic, which was neither cost efficient, nor possible, as the team was rather small.

The police officers also had to verify the cars already present in the city in order to find out which cars not belonging to residents entered the city, whenever a security incident occurred.


Given the circumstances, Metrici team implemented a solution made up of 2 cameras (positioned when entering and leaving the small city), 1 license for Metrici BL (standard software package) and 1 license for Metrici EL (extended software package).

The entire solution was implemented on Ubiquity long range wireless and special additional measures to prevent the over heating of the technical equipment were taken.


Metrici solution now allows local authorities:

  • receive accurate statistics in real time;
  • detect all the suspicious cars;
  • monitor and manage the traffic;
  • receive immediate alerts on incidents and keep the local population safe.