Top results for Metrici in unfavourable and demanding circumstances

    • Organisation: TenarisSilcotub, Eastern Europe’s biggest producer of steel pipelines and leader of the local industry


    • Location: Calarasi and Popesti-Leordeni, two important headquarters of the Romanian TenarisSilcotub subsidiary


    • Industry segment: industrial parking


    • Application: surveillance & monitoring, fraud prevention


Integrating Metrici with giant industrial company

Tenaris is widely known for being the biggest producer of steel pipelines from Eastern Europe. When its local subsidiary called in for an LPR solution, we knew it would not be an easy job.

TenarisSilcotub has three local headquarters (Calarasi, Popesti-Leordeni, Zalau), with hundreds of trucks passing from one place to another, loaded with raw material. Also, the entire process of monitoring and weighing the trucks that left and entered the locations was a difficult one and it needed automation.


A tough job is a job for Metrici

Our solution had to see things where others had previously failed. Most of the trucks’ plates were almost impossible to identify by a standard LPR solution. Because the plates were often broken, dirty, damaged and came from various European countries, previous results used to be inaccurate and distorted.

Integrating an LPR and analytics solution in an enterprise structure, software (with their internal ERP) and hardware (with the weighing system) wise, was also a challenging job and it had to go smoothly in order to make things properly work.


We integrated Metrici with TenarisSilocutb SAP . 6 IP cameras were deployed and connected to our solution, together with 6 Raytec Vario-i8 IR and a Microsoft SQL server, already used by the client.


Metrici solution turned out to be the right choice, because:

  • It was easy to install and integrate to the internal system used by TenarisSilcotub;
  • It is now monitoring 24/24, 7/7 all the trucks coming in and out the main TenarisSilcotub locations, with no restriction in traffic flow;
  • It continously ensures theft and fraud prevention in a high-risk industry;
  • It has made employees’ lives easier, due to faster processing of financial documents, thus saving precious time and money for the entire business.

To be continued

Our first implementation was inspiring for TenarisSilcotub and an amazing experience for our team. In the near future, due to Metrici’s performance, TenarisSilcotub wants to implement our solution in order to detect and monitor the blast-furnaces they transport between locations.